You are an individual / one-person-business?

  • As a freelancer, you are responsible for the acquisition of your clients and negotiate the contract conditions with them.

  • Tip:

    We offer helpful info sessions for negotiating conditions if you are not sure about this topic.

  • If required, we will check your contract and send an offer to your clients for confirmation.

  • We pay you your salary!

    It works like this: The sum of the confirmed order minus the "Smart Fee" goes into your budget, from which we can pay your salary and cover any pro-rata costs.

  • Smart Fee explained in short

    We retain 10% of the net order amount to cover our costs. From this we can cover costs incurred (e.g. personnel, office, payroll, accounting, provision of our services) and further expand our services.

  • You are a group / collective?

    We also offer our solutions to collectives, project and working groups. Please contact us for an initial consultation.


How to work with us:

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